Harnessing the most effective industrial biocide on the planet. Using just water and electricity and a natural process called ozonation. Enabling them to develop a system that wipes out bacteria, wipes out viruses and wipes out the need for toxic chemicals. It’s a revolutionary system for the water system

Innovation Award

We work with you..... 

Having evolved out of working to bring a highly beneficial, disruptive “green” technology to the attention of an important industry in the United Kingdom and its regulator, DEFRA, which is manifest in grants available to dairy farmers encouraging and endorsing adoption, we are well placed to help you to address problems and areas of concern that you have, as part of our service, tailoring greener technological solutions to improve your green credentials and improve sustainability. We believe that the value that we can deliver for you and the way in which we can explain processes to you will make you very comfortable.  We are not consultants: we do not charge for our initial advice. We assess how we can help you and we then tailor each solution to your own needs.

Product Specification

Powerful, novel, low voltage, low carbon,  sustainable, disinfection system

  • Output 0.01 - 5 ppm
  • Capacity (Oxi-Tank*) 200lt - 50,000lt
  • Flow Rate 5- 50 LPM**
  • Charge Time 1 - 2 hrs (18°C)
  • Energy Consumption (per reactor cell) 600 mA (max)
  • Pressure 1 – 5 bar

(*) Oxi-Tank allows for large batch release of charged aqueous ozone.

(**) 5 – 14 LPM is achievable without the use of the Oxi-Tank

About Oxi-Tech Solutions

Clean and green is our company’s mission

The power and reliability of ozone for water sanitation is unrivalled. Although dissolved ozone quickly disappears after treatment due to its short ‘half-life’, the need for a residual disinfectant is not necessary if the disinfected water is consumed just after the point at which it is produced. Results of aqueous ozone disinfection speak for themselves; it is well documented to kill the complete range of microbial pathogens, including faecal coliforms, pseudomonads, norovirus and Vibrio species.

Ozonation of water provides the most powerful disinfection treatment and leaves no residual chemicals behind. Its credentials are unrivalled.

No consumable chemicals means no transportation, storage or handling of disinfection chemicals, and none of the risk from chemical burns, spills or releases. Your requirements for safe water are met on demand; clean water where and when you need it.

It’s time to think about our planet, go green

We don’t have to compromise our lifestyle or quality of life with endless options from today’s evergrowing landscape of cutting-edge innovation.